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  B.A. in Electronic Engineering at Ajou University
Representative consultant Yundong Yoo is an expert in recommendation of C-level candidates for IT, electronics
  and manufacturing companies. He is also specialized with a wide range of recommendations such as strategy, marketing, sales, technology, development, consulting, SI/SM field as well as big data, AI, VR etc.
With a wide human network built in IT field for nearly 20 years, he has the outstanding ability to identify
  hidden talents as well as those exposed in the job market.
He provides personalized counseling on career management, such as mid-to long-term vision and future direction
  for candidates, and consulting on future business areas, including strategy and methods to secure human resources for clients.

  M.B.A. in Business Information at the Graduate School of International Business at the Joongang University
  B.A. in Economics at the Inha University
Consultant Jisoo, specialize in the field of IT, mobile, communications, e-commerce, contents, media, games, and
  automotive business etc. Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Jisoo Bahn had 20 years of experiences from development to project general management in the ICT field at Kia Motors Group, Hanjin Information Systems & Communication, Dacom ST, etc. He also has overall management experiences, like developing new business, marketing, strategy planning, HR and the whole IT field etc. Unlike others in the industry, he possesses wide range of practical experiences in IT and strategy, HR and management.
He has considerable expertise in the IT service, mobile, contents, e-commerce, media, game, Automotive,
  IoT, AI, VR and high-tech information service field. He shows excellent placement in executives (CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO etc) and leader classes of the leading domestic and foreign companies. Moreover, he recommends the right talent to the right place in all businesses so he receives positive evaluations from clients.
He is responsible for placing technical experts in the field of HR/Finance/Strategy/Planning/Sales/Marketing/Information Strategy with Consulting expert, System Development, SE, Security, Game, UX/UI, Big data etc.

  B.S. in Computer Engineering at Ewha Women's University
Youngsun Kim had worked for 15 years in various IT fields. She had succeeded as a programmer developing the first home trading system, as well as securities business programs such as corporate analysis system and
  enterprise asset management system in a large software Research Institute and securities firm. In addition, she had played a role as a systems management specialist in a multinational corporation. It made her have wide range of work experience including IT system management, IT training, and many other Asia Pacific projects.
She was an IT specialist, who successfully accomplished IT program development, infrastructure management,
  education, and various Asia Pacific Region IT projects. She previously worked at Daewoo Telecom Software Research Institute, Korea Industrial Securities, Lucent Technologies Korea and had been selected as the best employee at Lucent Technologies Korea.
Based on her expertise in IT and her work experience in various IT industries, she is competent in searching and recommending the qualified candidates who meet company's requirements.

Jinsuk Lee, a consultant, previously worked in various kinds of industries such as SI business, distribution in a
  major firm, media, healthcare etc. Thus, she has profound understanding and professionalism in those areas. She also has strengths in recommending and discovering talent in virtue of her field experience, knowledge of IT industry, and her strong network she has built up.
Presently, she's in charge of Commerce, Mobile, Security, Internet of things, Semiconductor field, high-quality
  Engineer areas in domestic and international companies. When it comes to recommending core talents, she has high rate of success due to idealized talents' list and experience in recommending talents for many years. She'll do her utmost for customer satisfaction as always and will be your best running mate.
Specialized in Commerce, Mobile, Security, Internet of things, Semiconductor industry

  B.S. in Industrial Engineering at Suwon University
Jichul Oh has been working in semiconductor and electronic/electronics goods sales for many years. He has
  been specializing in recommending outstanding management level talents who have experiences in research and development, production and quality, and also senior level talents with strategic planning area, and FAE engineer and sales in semiconductor, electronics, and mobile field. He has shown outstanding placement history with his excellent communication skills with industrial know-how and remarkable industrial analysis.
As the industry grows fast, the accurate understanding and professionalism are required for a recruiting
  consultant. He takes a speedy searching as a priority as well as finding right talents. From his previous experiences, he knows how important it is to place the right talent for the right position. He has a sense of duty of growing together with the talents and companies.
Previously, Jichul worked at Rohm Electronic, and Laird Technologies Korea for technology sales.
Semiconductor, Electronic, Electron, Mobile communication, Electronic goods, and FAE engineers

  B.S. in Chemistry at Sungshin Women's University
Jessica Lim has strengths in recommending talents in the areas of manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics,
  and chemical. Prior to joining Nterway, she already has proven her competence with outstanding performances at a local search firm.
She has built up strong network with researchers and engineers in R&D, manufacturing, and field sales of
  multi-national companies for a long time, which is considered as her important resource pool. She recently focuses on the areas such as semiconductor materials, OLED, and electronics components which are now in high demands.
Electronics, Semiconductor, Chemical, IT, Filed sales, and Business planning