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  Tel : 02) 6281-5114 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
After many years of experiences in system development projects, he is now in charge of Nterway IT system that
  provides the most efficient environment.
He is also in charge of NPAS(Nterway Power Admin System), which is an ERP system for the most efficient work

  Tel : 02) 6281-5102 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
She is in charge of accounting and finance after many years of experiences in companies such as construction,
  trading and research firms.
She provides the most effective atmosphere for the consultants through her preciseness in accounting and
  efficient management skills in HR and administration.

  Tel : 02) 6281-5118 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
Sojung Lee has a broad understanding of IT development experience from genetic engineering, with 13 years of
  research and headhunter experience.
She is responsivle for domestic and international academic/career experience/reputation check services of
  Nterway People Check, a HR related verification brand of Nterway Partners.

  Tel : 02) 6281-5112 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
Eunjin Lee has a deep understanding in trend of human resource DB in terms of employment by performing
  database construction and managing task in database solution Company for many years.
As a DB Assistant, she is supporting systematic managing task of in-company human resource DB with DB

  Tel : 02) 6281-5101 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
She is not only responsible for managing the schedule and communicating with the visitors, but also manages
  general affairs based on her attention to the job and has keen judgment and excellent skill in handling problems.
As a receptionist, she is in charge of providing the best atmosphere and service with her great attitude to visitors.

  Tel : 02) 6281-5115 , Fax : 02) 6281-5100
Jimin Kim majored in Environmental design and minored in Visual design.
  She is good at handling design program, and has a deep understanding of web design. She is in charge of all the works related to design at Nterway Partners.